4 Cities Where Your Retirement Funds Go the Furthest

Will your city RUIN your retirement?

With inflation on the rise, those dollars you’ve saved in your retirement account don’t go as far anymore. This is especially true if you live in certain parts of the country. So let’s look at 4 cities where your retirement savings can stretch farther.

First on the list is Tampa, Florida. It’s no surprise that 3 of the 4 cities on this list are in Florida, with it’s balmy weather and retirement-friendly tax structure. Tampa is a standout by providing affordable housing near the city center, giving residents all the amenities from a metropolitan city without the high cost that usually follows.

#3 on this list is Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola is known as a popular but affordable retirement spot, with ample retirement communities and tons of activities. Being on the Florida panhandle gives retirees easier access to the rest of the country, while still maintaining those mild Florida winters.

Coming in at number 2, we have Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lancaster boasts great senior healthcare facilities, low rent and mortgage costs, and a diverse and growing restaurant scene. Not to mention one of my favorite bands, August Burns Red, hails from Lancaster…although it might not be the music of choice for retirees!

And finally, #1 is Port St. Lucie, Florida. Located on Florida’s Atlantic coast, with its sunny beaches, golf courses, low cost of living, low taxes, and happy residents, it’s no surprise that so many retirees flock to this part of the Sunshine State.